Byron's Babbles

Move And Prove

So much great learning is going on in Hamburg, Germany right now at the SMART Factory League 2022 Summit. It is such an honor to get to both chair, moderate a panel, and speak at this event. One thing is for sure after Day 1 is that we need to have innovative mindsets and understand change management. And, great organizations work on a bold plan! One of the concepts yesterday that jumped out at me was the idea of multi-use of information to get the big picture. In education we are constantly talking about multiple data sources of information, but it is interesting to think about multi-use. Because we cannot wait to know everything, we must move and prove. If we wait to know everything nothing gets done and we lose all agility.

In order to reach infinity and beyond we must move and prove. To do this we need to:

  1. Assess our current setup – no wish list, but reality
  2. Define our north star and explain it to everyone (eg. Tesla is not about cars, but about sustainable energy)
  3. Implement consistently in sprints (small edible bites)

The sprints part of this is important. By doing small pieces of a change at a time we can measure benchmarks and iterate along the way. This is editive manufacturing. We need to Be Open, Be Active, Be Infinite.


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