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Leading The Crusade

I always talk about having “passion bubbles” – those things that I am passionate about and want to work on to hopefully change the world. Those “passion bubbles” are what Mark Twain described as being what takes up the extra space we have in our hearts for things we care about. This past week I had a person describe me as a “crusader.” Never before had I ever considered myself a crusader. A crusader, I found, is someone who is dedicated to a cause or mission and is willing to go to great lengths to achieve it. Okay, guilty as charged! My crusades are my passion bubbles. Everyone needs to be a crusader for something.

If we are to be special as a crusader, we need to have an unwavering commitment to our ideals and a willingness to take risks and make sacrifices in pursuit of our goals. Sometimes that means people will think we’ve gone off the deep end. But, we must possess a strong sense of purpose and believe deeply in the righteousness of our cause(s), which will give us the courage and determination to overcome obstacles and opposition. How about you? Are you a crusader?

Crusaders need to be inspirational figures who inspire others to take action and stand up for what they believe in. As crusaders, we have a powerful impact on society and can bring about positive change by challenging the status quo and advocating for a better future. Overall, what makes a crusader special is our passion (bubbles), courage, and dedication to making a difference in the world. Won’t you join me in the crusade to make the world a better place?


Leading With Global Reach

Posted in Abundance, Co-Elevation, Global Leadership, Global Reach, Leadership, Movement Leader, Turf by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on September 20, 2020

This post continues my reflection on this past week’s Virtual LeaderCon put on by Kevin Eikenberry. We had the opportunity to learn from bestselling author and authority on leadership methodologies, Keith Ferrazzi. His great book Leading Without Authority is a must read. Right out of the gate Keith taught us that to reach abundance we must do three things as leaders and that by doing so we will achieve these three things in our organizational communities. Here they are:

  1. Serve
  2. Share
  3. Care

Leadership, according to Keith, is about the management of relationships. It’s about being committed to “going higher together.” It’s the proven methodology he calls Co-Elevation®️. It’s about getting rid of something I talk about a lot: turf. He described it as holding space for the team to cross the finish line and share the win together.

Keith certainly believes, as do I, that everyone is a leader, Recognizing we have made progress in education in the advancement of developing teacher leaders, I asked him how we could get this non-hierarchical thinking even more universally embedded in education. He told us we need to become movement leaders. Get small groups to discuss and work on issues like this. Then get others involved. This would allow us to become exponential leaders by co-creating together. I loved the idea of making our impact exponential.

This would allow for global reach. Think about what changes we could make in the world if we all committed to going higher together by being leaders who served, shared, and cared.