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What Is Your Brand?

Posted in Brand, Educational Leadership, Global Leadership, Leadership, Leadership Development by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on January 28, 2023

Loved the quote “If you work for the ranch, you ride for the brand” by Reuben Frank in Book 4 of Threads West An American Saga: Moccasin Track by Reid Lance Rosenthal. Being an agriculturalist I have always understood the importance of brands in lots of contexts; cattle in the west needed brands, what brand of tractor or truck we had was a big deal (at least I always thought it was when arguing that Chevy’s were the best truck, which they are!), brand of seed corn, or the design on our silks when we were raising and racing race horses. You get the idea. Yesterday I was reminded how important it is to “ride for our brand.” I was in what I call a partner meeting, discussing what was needed from me for a custom facilitation for a group’s annual conference, when a member of the team said, “Byron, we want you to start the afternoon doing those ‘Byron things’ you do.” I asked, “Can you define that a little better for me?” He answered, “You know, those things where you engage us with reflection and new experiences so our brains can construct new meaning and be really fun.” Alrighty then! I gotta tell you I loved that as a brand being placed on me. I never want to be cookie cutter and want to create engagement that leads to more inclusive and complex perceptions and ways of seeing and knowing. Reflection is a metacapacity that research tells us is an important part of adult engagement leading to learning.

Back to the importance of our brand. Bottom-line is that perception is everything. We must tell the world who we are and what we are about. Then stick to that narrative. The world will see us the way we want to be seen as we walk in our purpose. This is walking the talk or walking the walk. This is what keeps me going. Every time I create a new experience for a client, it a re-enchantment, so to speak. Whether it is creating a new session, coming up with new and engaging ideas, or learning new content that I need to better serve others, it is through creating that I keep falling in love with the world. The other part of my brand I am passionate about is providing creative and collaborative help. We all have those things we do. I’m glad to know those “Byron things” have become part of my brand. What do you that is your brand? Better yet, are you doing things that make a brand you want to ride for?