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Simple Faith In Success

Posted in Educational Leadership, Global Leadership, Invincible, Leadership, Leadership Development by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on July 26, 2022

Invincible: incapable of being conquered, overcome, or subdued. I am a huge fan of the great band Skillet. They have an incredible song Feel Invincible. Here is a line from the lyrics of the song:

You make me feel invincible

Earthquake, powerful

Just like a tidal wave

You make me brave

You’re my titanium

Fight song, raising up

Like a roar of victory in a stadium

Who can touch me ’cause I’m (I’m made of fire)

Who can stop me tonight (I’m hard wired)

You make me feel invincible

One responsibility that leaders have is to instill courage in those they serve. Those we serve don’t just going to look to us for guidance – they also expect support. The way in which we present ourselves to our teams will have an impact on how they perform in the workplace and in society. Everyone is happier and more productive when we know that we are supported and valued. In Ron Chernow’s great autobiography Grant Chernow described how Grant instilled courage in everyone around him. He seemed invincible. General Sherman described him as exhibiting a “simple faith in success.” Sherman said that Grant’s faith in success was like that of a Christian’s faith in the savior. Now that is feeling invincible!

Courage is a critical quality of a leader. Courage strengthens our determination to respond to and make a change. How well we are able to help those we serve have courage will factor in to how empowered those we serve are to create the new, dismantle the old and commit to the future. Grant was authentic and was described as being simple, honest, and unpretending. So, just like Skillet tells us: “You’re making me strong, you’re making me stand.” We need to be the courageous support for all those we serve.