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Containers Of Memories

Posted in Educational Leadership, Global Leadership, Leadership, Leadership Development, Mixtiles, Rob Hart by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on April 7, 2022
Some Of My Mixtiles

I sorted through notes this morning that I took while reading and came across this quote from the incredible book The Paradox Hotel by Rob Hart: “Time is a container. Places are containers.” In the context of the book my interpretation was that when we think of time and places we think of things from the past. In other words time and place contain memories. Those memories are very important to us and important to build. I blogged about this earlier in the week in Building Memories. Time and places really do become the containers for those memories.

As a member of the last of the baby boomers I am not a digital native, but a digital adoptee. One thing I love about my iPhone is the ability to take incredible pictures. No more carrying a bulky camera with flash bulbs and extra film (boy am I aging myself). Some call them the good ‘ole days. Me, not so much. I love it when my phone magically sends me a “memories show” with some related pictures from some past event or trip. Another container that takes me back to a time and place. I laugh when I see kids with there new pastel colored Polaroid cameras. Yes, I had one. And, yes they are cool. But, I am not carrying one and my phone is even more instant!

I have found an incredible new way to “contain” these memories. Have you heard of Mixtiles? Their call to action says it all: “Turn your photos into stunning wall art.” I was intrigued one evening when I saw their commercial and took them up on their buy 10 get 10 free, and a couple of days later (literally) had 30. I know I got carried away, but I’m giving 10 of those to my son. But, in full disclosure turned around and got a bunch more this week. The tiles are about eight inches by eight inches and a little under an inch thick. Here’s the best part, and I’m quoting from their website: “There’s a sticky strip on the back of them. You peel off the protective paper and stick them on the wall. Easy as pie! (We enjoy pie.)” So, no hooks or nails! Then, here’s the even better best part (I’m full of superlatives today). You can move them around: “Super easy – that’s what Mixtiles are made for! Just pop them off the wall and stick them in a different spot. Knock yourself out, you can do this a few dozen times!” Why am I telling you this? I love them and wanted to share.

I put a few of them above the woodwork of the entrance from our living room to the dining room. They are in plain view from our chairs in the living room. My wife and I catch ourselves gazing at them and then get to reminiscing about the times and places of the photos. These wonderful Mixtiles have become containers. I’m excited to put up more around the house. I should become a Mixtiles ambassador. I wonder if there is such a thing?

Anyway, we need to remember that time is a container and places are containers. While travel is a great disruptor for new memories, we don’t have to go anywhere new. It could be something inspiring we heard at a conference. I sometimes remember where I was sitting when someone told me something inspiring or important news. We must not forget that we play a role in filling the time and place containers of others. Let’s fill those containers with positive and inspiring memories.