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A Learning Experience Not A Comparing Experience

Posted in Educational Leadership, Global Leadership, Leadership, Leadership Development, SMART Factory League by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on September 28, 2022

As I traveled from the airport in Hamburg, Germany to my hotel for the Smart Factory League 2022 Summit this morning, I caught myself comparing what I was seeing and experiencing to home. It’s impossible not to do that, but I also reminded myself to learn and enjoy more than compare. It is about keeping an open mind because it is a big world out there. We travel and connect globally to learn and to have interesting and beautiful experiences. Comparing is somewhat useless. If we are so satisfied with our own country there would be no need to go learn elsewhere. So at least there has to be curiosity to experience something different.

I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes I use when doing leadership development: “To argue with someone else’s experience of reality is futile. To add their experience to your own is possibly useful.” My wish is that the world could be one big learning organization. We all have different histories and contexts. We need to leverage that. Now that I am at the hotel in Hamburg I am sipping on a cup of coffee made like the Germans make it – strong. Not how I make it at home, but I could not wait to get a cup of coffee here. I guess I’m comparing the coffee here to the coffee at home, but I am enjoying the experience. So, have learning experiences, not a comparing experience.


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