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Having Some Hats To Try On Again

Posted in #NEI3DLeadership, Educational Leadership, Global Leadership, Leadership, Leadership Development by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on January 30, 2022

Yesterday in a leadership development workshop I was doing one of our great leaders made the comment that she has some hats to try on again. She made this comment after stating that she wears many metaphorical hats. I asked her to go a little deeper. She told us that she had areas in her school that she used to be very involved, but now was not, but she needed to get back involved to learn about changes that have been made. This was a very profound statement. It got me to thinking about all the websites out there where you can try on different styles of hats virtually. What if we could do that with the areas that we lead? I believe that would be pretty sweet!

If we could try on different roles in our organizations it would give us a more personal perspective on how those varied roles’ function. The more perspective we get on what different teams do, the more thoroughly we’ll be able to think about the ramifications of our decisions, and the better decisions we’ll be able to make. Trying on roles we aren’t familiar with helps acclimate us to a more advanced risk level. What if we could try on hats with no knowledge, no training and no experience, yet be able to perform responsibilities similar to those of our team members we serve who possess all three. Getting used to these other hats, unknown environment, will make it easier for us to make the right decisions. What hats to you need to try on again? This is a practice in adaptability, risk, perspective and teamwork.


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  1. Cherry Reynolds said, on January 30, 2022 at 12:44 pm

    We encourage our students to be empathetic in their peer relationships adding to their growth and maturity. Teachers should constantly model this. It is so important to walk a mile in others shoes. Seeing things from others perspective helps you expand yours.


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