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A Flip Of The Coin

Posted in Friendship, Global Leadership, Leadership, Leadership Development, MacGyver by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on January 22, 2022

Friends are both a gift and a responsibility! And, with good friends there is the phenomenon of responsibility not feeling like responsibility. If friends are just two sides of the same coin, then life is just one really long coin flip, to say the least. My experience is that some of the most beautiful moments in my life are moments in which I realize that the flip, the transformation of friendship, is succeeding. While watching an old episode (season 3, episode 51, 1987 – “Jack In The Box”) of MacGyver, I heard MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson), when speaking of Jack Dalton (Bruce McGill) to Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar), say: “friends are like the two sides of the same coin.” Meaning, friends come with both good and bad. So true! Sometimes we are like Jack Dalton is to MacGyver – high maintenance.

It is quite a beautiful mystery you know – this two sided coin of friendship. Sometimes one side has pain, sorrow, grief, need of favors, and sadness. Sometimes, the other side is peace, joy, gratefulness, wonder, rejoicing, love and so much more. True friends experience both sides of the coin. Just as MacGyver has to help Jack Dalton out of another one of his schemes, we experience both sides of the same coin. We must accept that no friend is perfect and that there will be some ambivalence. We must recognize what each friend brings to the table and what they do not. If we truly value a friendship, we need to tell the friend how we feel. We can’t expect our friends to read our minds! Even expressing that we really like hanging out with them can remind a good friend of how important their friendship is to us.


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