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ESSA Opportunity #4: Identification of School Improvement Strategies


States can establish their own framework for supporting identified schools that incorporates personalized learning strategies. ESSA has two two required categories for intervention.


Action/intervention is required in at least the following types of schools:

  • Comprehensive Support and Improvement Schools: The lowest performing 5 percent of Title I schools and all high schools with graduation rates below 67 percent. Districts have the initial responsibility for improvement activity. If schools don’t improve within four years, states have to intervene.
  • Targeted Support and Improvement: Schools where any group of students is consistently underperforming. Schools work with districts on improvement activity. If schools don’t improve, the district has to ensure more rigorous intervention.

The big key here is that the School Improvement Grant (SIG) is eliminated with ESSA. Now in its place is a new provision that allows STATES to set aside 7% of their Title I funds for school improvement activities.


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