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The Vital Few of Extending My Reach to Lead

IMG_0415I just completed the book The Disciplined Leader by John Manning (2015). There will be two more posts about the experience of the book, but this post deals with my vital few (three) from Part III of the book – Extend Your Reach The Responsibility to Lead Your Organization. One thing that really resonated with me in this section of the book was the idea that leading our organization is about extending my leadership reach beyond myself and our team to a degree that’s much further from me yet still critically connected to my organization’s center: me. Extending my reach also means having an alignment of values and people.

My vital three for Part III are (I have included a link to my original post on each lesson):

  1. Develop a “What’s the goal” culture
  2. Put more weight on “why”
  3. Cultivate Curiosity

img_2003-1HOW can your leadership be both spread and focused? This is a critical tension faced by many companies with multiple operations. One of the keys to putting strategy into action is to have everyone in the organization understand her role in carrying out the goal. I believe this is the first step to extending our leadership reach. So, as I look at my role of developing great teacher leaders it is important for me to define and organize high-impact teacher-leader roles that can allow great teachers to have a far greater effect on vastly more students, teaching peers, and the culture of excellence we are building for the organization. State and district education leaders must ensure that schools have the support they need to design and implement high-impact teacher-leader roles.

I also want my reach as a leader to encourage our team members to be curious. Curiosity as it applies to leadership will always lead to creativity and innovation. Curious leaders will not be content to keep doing things the same way over and over. A curious leader will look at things from multiple perspectives, continuing to ask questions. Being curious is simply being eager to learn and to know; to be enthusiastically inquisitive. Curious leaders are always moving forward. Curious leaders are not afraid of failure. In fact, curious leaders know that “failure” is the prerequisite to success. Curious leaders know that you will never know how far you can go until you go too far – I call this swinging the pendulum.

If we are truly committed to growing leaders in our organizations, we must find ways to extend our reach. What are you doing as a leader?








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