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Are you a seeker or a searcher?

Posted in Educational Leadership, Global Leadership, Leadership, Leadership Development, Seaking, Searching by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on July 29, 2021

My love for fiction novels, and the learning they can provide continues to grow. I have already found blog inspiration once from the awesome book, Great Circle, by Maggie Shipstead entitled Building New Instincts. One character, Hadley, was asked “Are you a searcher, Hadley?” Hadley questioned this and was told, “I think of a seeker as someone looking for enlightenment. I mean searcher as something more open-ended, someone who’s actively trying to find their way.” Hadley exclaimed, “I always seem to be a little bit lost.” This really got me to thinking about the question of “Are you a seeker or a searcher?”

We all need to find the thing that will provide motivation and propel us forward. This requires an in-depth examination of values and wants, learning what makes us tick and what gives our life meaning. This will help us find hope because we are in the process of naming and defining the goals that will give us a course of action. Searchers are looking for something, but don’t know what. Searching, as compared to seeking, can be aimless. Maybe why Hadley always seemed lost. Searchers do not have clear goals, and are fuzzy on their agency and pathway thinking. Searchers expect what they are looking for will come to them, and don’t always set out in a process to seek and define what they are searching for.

Searchers need more help and clarification. Once clarification happens, the searcher becomes the seeker. Are you a seeker or a searcher?


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