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I Am An American

Posted in Coaching, Education, Leadership by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on December 31, 2011

My son, Heath, with Purdue Pete

Showing Our Spirit for the Trip to Detroit

This past week at the Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl in Detroit, Michigan I was reminded as I am at every home Purdue Football game how proud I am to be an American as well as a Purdue alumnus (my wife, Hope, is also an alumna). We made the trip to Detroit a family trip and were not disappointed as our beloved Boilermakers won by a score of 37-32. It was an exciting game with one of the most interesting fourth quarters of a football game I have ever witnessed (I’ll leave that for another story if you did not see the game). We also had a great time pregame with Purdue Pete and all the other bowl festivities.

I Am An American

My post today, however, deals with what I consider to be one of the most moving pregame shows in the world. The Purdue University “All American Marching Band” does a show leading up to the national anthem that includes a portion called “I Am An American.” For a complete story of this show that was first done in 1966 click here. To the left is a picture of the band’s final formation in Ford Field as “I Am An American” was read. I still get goose-bumps and tears in my eyes every time it is done. Amazingly, I had a Western Michigan University fan tell me they were most looking forward to seeing the Purdue “All American Marching Band” perform. That’s pretty cool!

Traditional "Block P" by the Purdue "All American Marching Band"

I close this post and my last post of 2011 as a Proud American and Boilermaker. Here are the words for you, see if they give you goose-bumps too:

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