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Come Ride With Me

Posted in Community, Educational Leadership, Global Leadership, Leadership, Leadership Development by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on November 10, 2022

When I was a principal, I had a teacher who told that she liked the fact that it felt like we were on a journey together to turn around the school we were both serving. I loved this because we were really trailblazers on this journey. There were times when I certainly felt like the journey was taking us, not us taking the journey. Having successfully turned that school around, I look back and we were all survivors. We journeyed together because everyone wants to hang with survivors. The most inspirational leaders are survivors.

This all is wrapped up wonderfully in the Pop Evil song Survivor. If you haven’t heard this great song by this awesome band you need to check it out. In the song it says: “I’m a survivor, come ride with me; Been through hell and back, don’t need your sympathy; Everything I wanted is right in front of me, yeah; I’m a survivor, come ride with me.” If that is not a leadership anthem, I don’t know what is. I love, love, love the invite to “come ride with me.” We all want leaders that are survivors – those who understand the need for urgency.

As the song says, “It’s getting harder to walk, I guess I’ll just have to run.” Isn’t that what great leaders do? Those are the people I want to hang with, or as the song says, ride with. In an interview Pop Evil’s Leigh Kakaty said of Survivor, “There such an element of team and family to it that I love to come ride with me like ‘dude we don’t have to do this alone man just come come walk with me’ you know, it’s just about rock and it just reiterates the rock and roll/metal community and the family atmosphere that surrounds it.” That was exactly how it felt in the school I spoke of earlier in this post. We had become a team, family, and community. Everyone wanted to come take a ride with us. Kakaty said it all, to be survivors we must become teams, families, and communities. Are you a survivor? Will others answer your call to “Come ride with me?”


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