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Different As Dilly Bars

Posted in Education, Leadership by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on October 7, 2011

So here’s the deal, October is our FFA Chapter’s Anti-Bullying Month to lead anti-bullying activities in our school and National Anti-Bullying Month. Here’s what we did today:

Our FFA Officers got our local Dairy Queen (thanks Jeff & Carol Whitaker) to donate 900 Dilly Bars in a selection of all five flavors (chocolate, butterscotch, cherry, mint, and Heath). Our theme for our month is “Accepting & Appreciating Differences.” Appreciating that everyone has different tastes, makes different choices, and we are all different.

Then during lunch all students got their choice of Dilly Bar. How cool is that?

What was really appropriate was this morning’s reading in John Maxwell’s The Maxwell Daily Reader: 365 Days of Insight to Develop the Leader Within You and Influence Those Around You. The title was “Accepting the Fact that People are Different.” How appropriate for today!

John Maxwell summed it up best. He said, “you cannot win with people if you secretly harbor the belief that everyone ought to be more like you. Accept that people are different, and celebrate that God made us that way.” If we all practiced this wouldn’t bullying become extinct? Let’s try!

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  1. […] system, Hoosier Academies. A few years ago I did a project called Different As Dilly Bars. Click here to read the post I wrote then. Our theme this year was that we are all 99.9% the same. Genetically, […]


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