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Change Creation is Proactive

Posted in Education Reform, Leadership, Learning Organization by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on October 7, 2011









In doing some research this morning I came across the work of Lick and Kaufman (2000) and it was too good not to share. Lick and Kaufman (2000) asserted that,

Change creation is the process whereby an organization and its people:

  • Invite, accept and welcome change as a vital component in defining and achieving future success.
  • Define the future they want to design and deliver.
  • Create the designed future and continuously make improvements while moving ever closer to the desired future. (Chapter 2)

When organizations enact change creation, they intentionally move from being victims of change to becoming masters of change. I don’t know about you, but I want myself and my school to be masters of change.


Lick, D., & Kaufman, R. (2000). Change creation: The rest of the planning story. In J. Boettcher, M. Doyle, & R. Jensen (Eds.), Technology-driven planning: Principals to practice. Ann Arbor, MI: Society for College and University Planning.

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