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Do Not Live In Your History

Posted in Educational Leadership, Global Leadership, History, Leadership, Leadership Development by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on May 8, 2023

Yesterday I heard someone say, “Don’t live in your history.” Meaning we should not dwell too much on our past experiences, mistakes, or even achievements. There comes a point point where these personal historical archives can negatively impact our present and future. It’s important to acknowledge and learn from our past, but not let it define or limit us. Instead, we need to focus on being present in the moment and creating a better future for ourselves. We can let our past histories have the spotlight they deserve, but then we must move on.

Endings don’t always make perfect sense. Nor does there ever seem to be perfect timing. Life, unfortunately, is not governed by poetic justice. To stop living in the past we need to focus on what is in store for us today. One thing that keeps me from living in my history is being hyper-focused on continuous learning and professional growth. I truly do want to learn something new every day. This is the most effective way to stay present and not looking in the rear view mirror. What do you want to learn today?


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