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Don’t Freeze Me Out

Posted in Educational Leadership, Global Leadership, Leadership, Leadership Development by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on January 11, 2023

Last night on FBI International we were introduced to Special Agent Zoey McKenna (Kelley Missal). McKenna was appointed to the Fly Team without the team leader, Scott Forrester’s (Luke Kleintank) knowledge or input. Forrester was upset and seems to be facing a transfer himself, but still recognized specific skills and included Zoey in solving the latest case. In the end Zoey told Forrester, “I was pretty sure you’d freeze me out.” Forrester replied, “Not my style.” As a person who does leadership development, I loved that reply. Have you ever been the victim of a freeze out? Or, have you ever been the one doing the freezing out? Agent Forrester could have frozen Zoey out of the team, but to what end? She had knowledge and skills that were crucial to solving the case. Practicing great leadership, Forrester put the greater good of the team above his own personal feelings.

This really got me to thinking about how cruel the practice of freezing someone out is. Being left out, excluded, or not communicated with is a terrible feeling. There is the speculation running through our heads as to what might be going on on the other person’s end. I’ve actually heard leaders advocate for freezing people out saying that “they’ll take the hint,” but in reality because the leader didn’t communicate their motives, the victim wouldn’t necessarily know what’s happening at all. I am so glad this reflection was prompted last night because I have been the freezer before. When considering all this I am reminded that no one deserves to go through that and how wrong I was. It really is about being a decent human. Let’s all make sure we are never practicing the freeze out.


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