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Channeling Emotions

Posted in Educational Leadership, Global Leadership, Leadership, Leadership Development by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on July 28, 2022

I’ve been contemplating getting a new carryon bag for my travels and all seem to have the ejectable battery for charging a laptop or cell phone. As I was looking at these carryons the metaphor of channeling emotions by just plugging in came to mind. The great leaders allow that channeling to flow both ways. It was said that just the presence of General Ulysses S. Grant among the troupes brought about feelings of great courage both individually and collectively. It would seem that Grant was an emotionally intelligent leader. Emotionally intelligent leaders can improve the morale of those they serve and improve the chances of organizational growth. We need emotionally intelligent leaders who is aware of their own emotions and is present to another person’s feelings. These leaders are able to plug in, just like that battery in the suitcase. The difference is that the flow of energy in the leaders case goes both ways.

This two way channeling of emotions makes the leader aware to motivate, inspire and guide their teams by creating an environment of mutual respect. To strengthen this channeling of emotions leaders demonstrate active listening skills. They interpret circumstances around them and come up with clear answers. It really is about moving from transactional relationships to transformative relationships. In transformative relationships, both are concerned with the perspective, needs, and desires of the other person. Going back to my suitcase battery metaphor; in transformational relationships, both parties get charged. Then we prize people more deeply and value the deep meaning we get from the relationship. Relationships are everything!


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