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Respecting And Watching With Reverence

Posted in Educational Leadership, Global Leadership, Leadership, Leadership Development by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on July 23, 2022

I finished reading Ulysses S. Grant’s memoirs a couple of week’s ago and proceeded to immediately start re-reading Ron Chernow’s great autobiography Grant. This exercise is taking my learning deeper as Chernow uses Grant’s memoirs in the book, plus adding a great deal of research and personal accounts of people of the time. Chernow quoted a person who said that Grant “…inspired more respect than affection. They don’t salute him, they watch him with reverence.” When I reflected on that I thought about the great leaders I have encountered and respect for them is what brings them to the top of my list. They walked the walk. Chernow also stated that Grant interacted with his men as peers. With those leaders that are on my personal Mount Rushmore we did have a peer relationship, not a superior/subordinate relationship.

When a leader sees others as peers, gives of themselves, applies empathy and emotional intelligence they know they can help others. Grant was known to get off his horse and join in working right along side his men. When we take action in the face of fear, grief, or pain we are displaying courage. Actions built on courage create confidence. The great leaders I respect see others as humans and not as objects. They have empathy and compassion. The most respected leaders know that nothing great can ever be accomplished alone. The greats inspire and earn others respect by serving them first.


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