Byron's Babbles

The Best Minutes You Can Invest

I’m very passionate about the fact that we need to love employees, people, students, well…everyone. To do that means really making an investment. I’m not talking about a huge financial investment, but an investment of minutes for each of those we serve. “Sometimes the simplest acts – like paying attention, commenting on what people are doing, or having a friendly chat – can be the most meaningful” (p. 25). This statement in Simple Truth #8, “The Best Minute Servant Leaders Spend Is The One They Invest In People”, in Simple Truths of Leadership: 52 Ways To Be A Servant Leader and Build Trust, Making Common Sense Common Practice by Ken Blanchard and Randy Conley really drove home the point of how best to love those we serve – spend our minutes making people feel special.

“Investing in people is about spending time focusing on them, not yourself.”

Ken Blanchard, Simple Truths of Leadership, p. 25

Beware! Don’t try and fake this, however. Those you serve will always see your fakeness (I know fakeness is not a word, but I like it here). If you ask how someone’s weekend was or what they need, be prepared to listen and provide support if needed. Let’s spend our minutes wisely. Let’s spend time focusing on others.


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