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Success Packs

Posted in Educational Leadership, Global Leadership, Leadership, Leadership Development, Success Packs by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on August 18, 2021

The wolf is a very social animal. They travel together, eat together, hunt together and play together. They are referred to as a pack. I love the metaphor of leading and building a community like a wolf pack. I also love the idea of needing a success pack that Charlie Gilkey introduced in Start Finishing: How To Go From Idea To Done. Gilkey opined that we need people who can help us make our ideas reality and achieve our goals. We need:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable guides to provide us with advice and inspiration.
  • Peers to share our ideas and experiences with.
  • Supporters who contribute or help us in some way to do the work.
  • Those that will be positively affected by our ideas and projects are the beneficiaries.

Wolves understand the concept of teamwork extremely well. They must work together during the hunt to be successful. Each wolf has a role to play. We need supporters in each of the four roles listed above to help us finish and make our great ideas reality. Next time you’ve got a wild idea or something to create, bring your success pack together.


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