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Ability In Abundance

Posted in Abundance, Educational Leadership, Global Leadership, Leadership, Leadership Development by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on July 3, 2021

Abundance is really an ecological term. It speaks to the representation of a particular species in an ecosystem. In basic terms, the number of individuals found in a sample. This is then figured by a ratio called relative species abundance. As a person who tries not to use superlatives when working with people, I love the thought of abundance. Think about it, I can tell an individual or several individuals they have an abundance of ability in a group without making someone feel the lesser. If I say something like, “Julie, your just the best” everyone else in the room is suddenly not the best. But, I watch this happen in meetings all the time.

I just founded my own company, Leadery Global. The name came from the word Leadery which was created during a leadership workshop (click here to read about that) I was doing. We noted that those who showed, and acted, with an abundance of courage were said to show “bravery.” So, we decided that those who show abundance in the practicing of leadership should be referred to as acting with “leadery.” Note, it still has gets the dreaded red dashed line under it, but that’s what’s cool and creative in my world – making up a word!

I came across the phrase, “ability in abundance” this week and love it. When I think about those who show leadery, I ponder what that abundance is. Granted that abundance won’t be the same for everyone, but I do believe there are some common traits. These traits include:

  • standing up for what is right,
  • taking the first step forward,
  • making sacrifices,
  • always acting with integrity,
  • preserving,
  • developing and helping others grow,
  • fulfillment of duties, and
  • giving others hope.

I’m sure you could add other traits to to the list one needs in abundance to practice leadery, but that is a pretty good start. I believe there is potential abundance in every person. It is our responsibility to help develop those abilities. In our own organizational ecosystems let’s begin to increase the “relative ability abundance.”


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