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Dig In & Stop Guessing

Stop Guessing by Nat Greene
Stop Guessing: The 9 Behaviors of Great Problem Solvers
by Nat Greene (Goodreads Author)

All leaders should read this book and put into practice the behaviors of sound problem solving. These behaviors are also transferable to all decision making. Particularly noteworthy is the knowledge this book provides regarding use of experts. Experts can also learn how to be more valuable by reading this book. The bevaviors for solving problems are easily implemented. By using the right data points and digging in recognizing all hard problems are solvable, we can stop guessing and make the right decisions.
~ Dr. Ernest

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  1. Deep Innovation | Byron's Babbles said, on February 4, 2020 at 9:40 pm

    […] Not Being An Expert, Decision Making vs Problem Solving – and Why the Difference Matters, and Dig In & Stop Guessing. Rehn explained that many great ideas have been killed before they had a chance to prove themselves […]


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