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Fail Like A Champion

Failure and adversity in our lives can help us, not hurt us. It’s extremely important to never lose sight of this truth. The song “My Champion” by Alterbridge delivers an extremely inspiring message to those who might feel as if they aren’t good enough. Click here to check out my video of the song I made while in Nashville, Tennessee with the band. Here is my favorite line from the song that always keeps me going:

“You’ve lost so many times it hurts 

But failures made are lessons learned

Cause in the end what you are will be much more 

Than you were.” ~ Alterbridge – My Champion

To turn failure into a gift and grow through the tough times instead of just casually going through them, you must begin to start focusing on ways to actually resolve the situation. I think back to my childhood days of watching the original MacGyver show, and now in the new MacGyver – the character always looks for the solution, not at the problem. Many people let their minds wander toward the negative, which then prompts them to focus on more problems instead of searching for ways to resolve the situation and grow from it. 
Leaders and organizations that are able to get through tremendous setbacks and actually grow because of them are the ones who focus on solutions, not more problems. We can look to my hero, Thomas Edison, for a quick example. His persistence in continually searching for solutions after facing one failure after another is a prime example of the utter importance of focusing on ways to advance.

Looking for the solution is so crucial. Just staring at the problem is futile. Here are a few questions that can help keep us focused on developing solutions and not being focused on the problem/challelenge: 

  • How can we solve this task?
  • How can we address this problem?
  • What would be the first step to solve this problem?
  • What kind of preparations will be necessary for this task?

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