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There Can Be No Compromise!

Great leaders know that leading change sometimes means they will have to fight for their vision and values. They can sometimes face strong resistance and criticism. At these moments they are fully aware that it is about being able to connect, and to convince others why this change is important. This means they invest energy and time in communication, in increasing mutual understanding, and in strengthening alignment. But they will not compromise their values and vision.

Two songs by Alter Bridge constantly cause me to think about compromise. In “Show Me A Leader” songwriters: ‎Myles Kennedy‎, Brian Marshall‎, ‎Mark Tremonti‎, Scott Phillips‎ want a leader that won’t compromise. Additionally, in the song “Last of Our Kind” we hear the words: “There can be no compromise when you know it’s wrong ’cause in the end the sacrifice was worthless all along.” When compromising you give something up on both sides, you don’t create something together! A compromise is by definition leading to a suboptimal solution. Great leaders understand this, and are therefore reluctant to compromise.

I believe that compromise can easily blur our vision and core values, can create confusion, and therefore undermines the motivation of people. I realize, however, as leaders there are times when compromise is necessary. It is important to understand that no one knows everything. Great leaders listen to all sides, think about their own experience and then make decisions. Those decisions must based on a balance of knowledge and not compromise the leader’s core values. Sometimes the decisions don’t sound or look exactly like what the leader wanted. but they are the best for the organization as long as no core values have been compromised. So, when I hear, “Show me a leader that won’t compromise” I am reminded to never compromise my values. 


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  1. Coach Nate said, on November 26, 2016 at 9:17 am

    I like that you added the part about values at the end. More people and likely business would be more successful if they hinged on this advice. Compromise on policies: for example have a payment policy that says due within x days. Customers need to know that you’re human, and you recognize that life happens and if as a business in extreme times you’re willing to compromise with those policies. On the other hand, like you said, never compromise on some particular value like honesty.


  2. Show Me A Leader | Byron's Babbles said, on December 1, 2016 at 4:50 pm

    […] for some of my personal core values. Particularly this thought of not compromising. Click here to read my thoughts on compromise in “There Can Be No […]


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