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Lemonade It

screen-shot-2016-09-17-at-12-54-10-pmLast week, during one of our sessions of our Focused Leader Academy I was struck by the idea of not feeling the need to win all of our battles. And… that is o.k! But… we do need to have all the battles! It is an important part of not being a lazy leader. It is also a very healthy part of collaboration and being a learning organization. These thoughts came from hearing one of our team members say, “I took that battle on and lost.” And, I thought to myself, “This person is not a lazy leader.” He was willing to have the conversation. Sometimes these battles, conversations, or losses become the spark or spring boards for changes down the road to happen.

In our session we quickly dubbed this, “Lemonade It.” We have learned that our dispositions to create lemonade from lemons are identifiable and can be developed intentionally and deliberately. Naisbitt (2006) said, “Times of change are times of opportunity. When relationships of people and things are shifting, new juxtapositions create new needs and desires offer possibilities” (p. 92). We must remember that lemonade is not something that is produced naturally. In fact, there is an enormous amount of work that it takes to make lemonade.

So, let’s see here; the recipe for lemonade is: add the lemons and squeeze the right amount of lemon juice into a pitcher; then add water and the right amount of sugar to achieve the best tasting results. How about this, then, as a recipe for dealing with opportunities for providing leadership for success and making lemonade from lemons:

  • Focus your future goals in your current organization for the betterment of all.
  • Develop skills in self-direction, team collaboration, and project management.
  • Increase motivation to accelerate your career goals with perspective.
  • Recognize the importance of good communication and thoughtful, ambitious leadership.
  • Focus your leadership on the alignment to the vision, mission, and core values of the organization

So I conclude by asking you this: When life hands you a lemon, do you make lemonade or pucker your lips?


Naisbitt, J. (2006). Mind set. Harper Collins. Canada.


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