Byron's Babbles

Moral Compass

Lesson #51 in The Disciplined Leader by John Manning (2015) really affirmed our decision to spend the past year with our Focused Leader Academy and, ultimately, all of our stakeholders completely redoing our vision and mission for the Hoosier Academies Network of Schools. We also went on to explicitly develop a set of core values. I was amazed these had not ever been developed for our schools. Those in our organization now understand the importance of these and why the organic development of vision, mission, and core values is crucial for organizational success.

“It is leadership’s responsibility to make sure good ethics are part of the foundation of the company. A good starting point is to use your clearly defined vision, mission, and values to provide direction to the organization.” ~ John Manning

Here is the vision and mission we created:

Here are our core values that serve as our moral compass:


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