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Success Breeds Success!

  We say it all the time, but do we really understand what we are saying when we say, “Success Breeds Success?” As a livestock and dairy guy, I understand the importance of genetics in breeding. My son and I spend a great deal of time studying and selecting which bulls to breed his Jersey’s to in order to make improvements; and hopefully produce the next great one. In Lesson #42 of The Disciplined LeaderJohn Manning (2015) taught us we must also study success as a leader in order to duplicate that success. 

“One of the ways to learn from prior success is to shift your organization’s attention away from trying to avoid mistakes and a bit more toward replicating success. That starts with identifying wins and taking inventory of what was done right to contribute to the outcome. Employees have their own talents, gifts, and hard-earned skills. Considering these attributes and other factors influencing your ability to succeed, the onus is on you to apply this learning to future challenges and generate even more wins.” ~ John Manning

Some of the ways Manning (2015) pointed out to do this are:

  • Embrace a positive outlook.
  • Analyze successes.
  • Success happens for good reasons, and when you start to explore the who, what, where, when, and why of an achievement, you’ll most likely see it wasn’t just some matter of pure luck.
  • Pay more attention to what works.
  • Find ways to note what’s working well in work and life, leveraging whatever you learn to maximize your chances for more wins.

As you can see it is important to not only celebrate our wins, but analyze and study them. How can you help your organization to ensure “Success Breeds Success? 


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