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Essential Insight for Talent Development Leaders



Essential Insight for Talent Development Leaders

Guest Post By Ann Parker

CTDO (Chief Talent Development Officer) magazine provides essential insight for any leader responsible for developing talent. You can expect the following regular feature articles and columns in this free, quarterly, digital magazine. Learn more at


  • CTDO spotlight: This profile showcases a talent development (TD) executive who is championing employee development in meaningful and innovative ways. It also incorporates commentary from another C-suite peer, showing how the two collaborate to achieve business success.
  • Hot topic: This feature unpacks one of the macro-level ideas that CTDOs care about – global issues that will affect the world of work in the future and that executives must consider now.
  • Debate: This article contrasts two diverging viewpoints on a popular practice or theory, such as emotional intelligence.


  • State of Talent Development: This four-piece round-up features public policy and talent development research.
  • The Angst Index: You will get a deep dive into the top challenges of TD leaders, such as leadership development, adapting to globalization, employee engagement, and succession planning.
  • Prove It: This column provides a practical look at how TD executives can effectively measure the impact of the seemingly intangible work that they do.
  • Giving Back: We highlight TD efforts – at the individual and organizational level – to give back to the community and society at large.
  • Career Hacks: This series showcases practical and sometimes quirky tips for talent development careers and competencies.
  • Confessions From the C-Suite: A different perspective from the typical “happily ever after,” this case study article focuses on a big problem that a company is facing and lessons learned from implementing a talent development initiative.

Check out the latest content on the above topics in the Spring 2016 issue of CTDO magazine.


Ann Parker is manager of the Human Capital Community of Practice and the Senior HouseAd-SpringIssue (9)Leaders & Executives Community of Practice at ATD. Prior to this position, she worked at ATD for five years in an editorial capacity, primarily for TD magazine, and most recently as a senior writer and editor. In this role, Ann had the privilege to talk to many training and development practitioners, hear from a variety of prominent industry thought leaders, and develop a rich understanding of the profession’s content. Visit Chief Talent Development Officer Magazine.


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