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IMG_1881Amazingly, I just blogged about “Walking the Walk” and ” Walking the Talk” just before reading Lesson #26 in The Disciplined Leader (2015) by John Manning entitled “Honor Your Commitments.” Honoring your commitments as a leader is truly a defining mantra. How we handle our commitments and walk the walk define our moments of truth.

“In the end, such leaders build entire reputations, even legacies, around being known as people who always do what they say they are going to do.” ~ John M. Manning

For this post I would like to bullet what I consider to be the great points made by Manning (2015) in this lesson:img_1643-1

  • When leaders fail to follow through on commitments big or small, people notice, remember, and care when they’re let down. Such leaders lose the esteem of their employees, and both morale and productivity suffer.
  • Remember your direct reports are watching and evaluating your ability to honor commitments, which should keep you on your toes!
  • If you tell employees you’ll address their concerns about an issue, keep your word, follow up with them, and meet that obligation. After all, you demand the same level of respect and follow-through whenever you ask that of them.
  • The more positive impressions you make, the greater your chances are of winning the trust of those around you.
  • Define and communicate. When you say you’re going to do something, don’t just assume you’ll remember your promise or obligation. Write it down, set a deadline, and then define and communicate what that follow-up looks like.
  • Don’t overcommit. A lot of leaders often say “yes” because they don’t know how to say “no.” Others overcommit because they’re afraid of how it might appear if they don’t agree to do something.
  • Get the help you need. Sometimes an activity can look pretty doable, even easy at first. Once you get into the thick of it, however, it becomes more complicated, taking on a life of its own. It’s important to have the ability to get additional resources if needed.

Great leaders honor commitments  and understand that doing so is a high-impact activity.


Manning, J.M. (2015). The disciplined leader: keeping the focus on what really matters. Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Kindle Edition.


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