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My Vital Few for Leading Myself

Lead-myself-e1410185794291This week I completed Part I of John M. Manning’s great book, The Disciplined Leader (2015). It has been an incredible journey, so far, for our Focused Leader Academy participants and I to read this this book one lesson at a time each week and blog about it. Part I’s 19 lessons have been incredible. Every one of the lessons was applicable at the time I was reading them. At the end of Part I, Manning (2015) encourages us to pick the Vital Three of the lessons in Part I that we need to focus on. Well, honestly, I need to continue improvement in all 19, but I picked one I really need to get better at, “Plan Each Day;” one I always need to remind myself to do, “Tackle the Tough Stuff;” and one I really had some great development of working with our Focused Leader Academy participants on, “Zero In On Your Values.” What I would like to do is share the original post for each of these lessons and explain why it is one of my vital few.img_1643-1

Plan Each Day

Click here to read my original post, “Turning Scattered Ways Into Saner Days.”

Having our day planned out, as leaders, is so important. It is so easy to have our days hijacked. It is important to note that this hijacking is not necessarily for things that are not important, but touch points that just happen. As a school leader, most of my time is spent on people, our most important asset, but I also owe it to our students to get the other important work done as well. I used to say, when I was a principal, “People by day, paperwork at night.” It works, and I still do some of this, but still not the most efficient way to get things done. Therefore, I have adopted the practice of spending at least 15 minutes at the start of each day; creating a plan for the day. It is vital that I do this with fidelity.

leading-with-respect-the-keys-to-increasing-employee-engagement-20-728Tackle The Tough Stuff

Click here to read my original post, “Deadline: Yesterday!”

In my world, the toughest stuff is usually working out situations being experienced by students, families, and staff. I have to remember that any issue being experienced by these stakeholders is the most important thing in their life at that moment, and rightly so. It is important for me to tackle this tough stuff first. What is your tough stuff as a leader? Are you tackling the tough stuff first?

Zero In On Your Values

Click here to read my original post, “Values Define Your Unique Leadership Identity.”

I must say in the last seven months on my journey facilitating the Focused Leader Academy that I have been profoundly changed in the areas of vision, mission, and core values development. I have now truly experienced organic organizational development. What started as a simple lesson for Focused Leader Academy participants in vision, mission, and core values development turned into a four month process. I watched in amazement as our 15 participants developed vision, mission, and core value models. I was amazed as we had discussions about core values and we developed our network of school’s core values and honed our own personal core values at the same time. In fact, on February 12th our Focused Leader Academy participants are going to lead a retreat session for our school board on our school’s vision, mission, and core values. CWC0aRQUAAE6YBV

As you can see, the first 19 lessons in The Disciplined Leader have been an incredible journey. Do you know your vital few for leading yourself? If not, I encourage you to get the book and join us in the journey. You can follow along with all our Focused Leader Academy sessions, blogs, and learning by using the Twitter hashtag: #HoosierFLA.


Manning, John (2015). The disciplined leader: Keeping the focus on what really matters. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.


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