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Leadership To Operational

Posted in Educational Leadership, Leadership, Learning Organization, Strategic Planning by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on July 25, 2015

In order for leadership to be effective, the leader must be able to go from leading to creating a system to operationalize the strategic plan. Strategic planning is an outward process of alignment. Therefore, in order to create a system by which to operationalize the goals all of the following must be in place to go from leading to organizationalized:

  • Organization policies must be aligned to operationalizing.
  • Team members must know his or her role in carrying out the operationalizing of the system.
  • There must be a laser focused strategic plan to get the organization where it is going.
  • The appropriate resources must be provided, available, and in place.
  • There must be measures of effectiveness.
  • An accountability system must be in place.
  • Professional learning, growth, and development opportunities must be well thought out and deliberate.

If these points are in place then an operational system can be formed to carry out the strategic plan.


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