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View From 30,000 Feet

Posted in Coaching, Education, Education Reform, Leadership, Learning Organization by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on June 8, 2013


As I write this post I am on a flight from Boston to Philadelphia heading home from Harvard University. It always amazes me how the view changes at 30,000 feet. The weather was terrible in Boston and there was flooding because of the storms coming in the aftermath of hurricane Andrea. But when you you get up to 30,000 feet you are above all that and the view below changes.

I was so proud to be a part of the School Turnaround Leadership Program this past week. One of the leadership lessons of the week was how we need to step into the balcony as school leaders, and watch the dance above all the chaos and noise. This analogy was driven home to me this morning as I looked out the plane window and saw the sunshine with the storms going on below.

As transformational turnaround school leaders it is important for us to get above the clouds and take stock of where we are. This clear “awareness,” as Marzano calls it gives us the opportunity to sort through the clutter and stay focused on the important work at had of putting students first.

So, next time you find yourself getting caught up in all the noise of being a leader sit back and let your mind travel to 30,000 feet where you can watch the dance in the positive cognitive glow of sunshine!

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