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Posted in Education, Education Reform, Leadership, Learning Organization by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on February 17, 2012

SMART Worldwide Effective Learning Lab

This week’s post is going to direct you to four posts I have done for SMART Technology’s EDCompass Blog. I serve as a guest blogger and have done a series of four posts describing my journey as a SMART Exemplary Educator. This journey has also involved the development of the SWELL (SMART Worldwide Effective Learning Lab) classroom. The four titles are listed here and linked to the EdCompass Blog. Check out these posts!

Could you Convince Your School to Put a SMARTBoard in Every Room?

A SWELL Place To Be: The Story of the SWELL Classroom

A Typical Day in the SWELL Classroom

Professional Development for Digital Learning is a TALL order

Also check out this video my class made about project based learning and the use of technology. To view the video click here.

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