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Great Educators: 30 Days of Restoration

Posted in Education, Education Reform, Leadership, Learning Organization by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on December 16, 2011

I am so excited to share with you this week about a book that you all need to buy. The book is Great Educators: 30 Days of Restoration Workbook 2012 Edition. This workbook has been dedicated to all the great educators in the nation. The book is a 30 day exercise for educators to renew an restore their excitement and dedication to their profession. Whether you are a new or experienced teacher, this workbook will help you bring joy and enthusiasm back into your classroom.

This book gives teachers a chance to explore what other educators are doing in their classrooms and schools to be powerfully influential as teacher leaders and highly effective teachers. Each day’s story comes from an award-winning teacher that was nominated to be a part of the book.

Why am I so excited? Because I am featured on Day 24. My plan for Implementing Cross Department Collaboration is outlined in this chapter. Day 24 begins with a quote from me: “Teacher expectations affect student achievement, so it is important that we have high expectations for our students. My personal mission is to use rigor, relevance, and relationships to be a steward of high student achievement.” My chapter deals with realizing the importance of collaboration.

It is important to take time to have a conversation with one another and share successful teaching strategies. Then, teachers will have the opportunity to make adjustments that allow for the creation of innovative ways to teach students how to learn to learn. To do this I introduce a what I call Cross Department Collaboration (CDC). A plan that my Agriculture Science Department uses to meet with anther department each month to share best practices or learn new strategies.

I will let you read the book to learn more about my journey with collaboration and leading our school to become a learning organization. I hope you will consider buying the book. Every chapter has a worksheet section at the end for reflection on the day. This book would be a great source of professional development. Happy reading.

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