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Connecting, Extending, & Challenging

Posted in Coaching, Education by Dr. Byron L. Ernest on August 21, 2011

In education Connecting, Extending, and Challenging are so much more than just words. They are crucial to 24/7 learning and teaching students to learn to learn. I believe in 24/7 learning. We have to facilitate an environment where our students’ learning continues outside the school day – EXTENDING.

We must also challenge our students to learn and explore new concepts and take on new and exciting projects – CHALLENGING. Let me give you an example. My students just completed a project that I believe models Connecting, Extending, and Challenging – Operation Home Grown.

Following a series of soil chemistry and plant growth lessons n my Advanced Life Science Plant & Soils class, my students made a CONNECTION to organic and sustainable agriculture. They decided to extend their learning outside the classroom and proposed to use 2 acres of our Outdoor Agronomy Lab to grow organic sweet corn.

This CHALLENGED my students to learn how to grow organic sweet corn and come up with a plan for selling it. Not as easy as it sounds. They were challenged with a lack of rain.

Success was realized for this group of students this past weekend when they picked the first of the corn and sold out of 52 dozen ears of sweet corn in less than two hours. When we facilitate learning for ALL students of ALL ages we must remember to Connect, Extend, and Challenge them.

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